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IN-FET Workshop on Communication and Responsible Research and Innovation, Jan 14 2021

Nuit Européene de Chercheurs Tolouse, Nov 2020

Panel: At the interface of AI, Neuroscience and Policy. Marie Curie Alumni Association, Online Conference, Nov 2020

IGF 2020, Best practices Forum: Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context, Nov 2020

European Big Data Value Forum - Moderator Focus Track: Technology Platforms and Trust, Nov 2020

GCSP Webinar, April 2020 - Global Crisis, Global Risk and Global Consequences}: The uses and misuses of technology during the Covid-19 crisis

ZHAW Digital Public discussion, March 2020 - Kann KI uns helfen, globale Herausforderungen zu meistern? / Can AI help us to master global challenges? Talks by Ricardo Chavarriaga and Lynn Kaack (ETHZ)

Open Geneva Festival, Mar 2019 - Brain-machine interfaces: State of the art and societal implications

Congreso Tecnología y Turismo para la Diversidad, Oct 2019 - Tendencias y retos emergentes en neurotecnología (In Spanish, Sign language)

NCCR Testimonial - Career on robotics 2015 More info

Talk at GABBA symposium 2014, Porto, Portugal. More info

Conference on Brain-Machine Interfaces - ACIS 2014 (In Spanish) More info